Affordable doesn't mean poor quality

Australian Mobile Real Estate has qualified auctioneers accredited by Fair Trading NSW, Australia. Property auctions are the most effective way to sell your home faster, and that is why it has become very popular in Australia. Almost all property types can be sold in auctions. Because the buying community accept that you are committed to making an immediate sale, the buyers are trying to get the advantage of bargain, and so are effective property auctions: i.e., the auctions for desperate sellers has long gone because todays auctions are gaining pretty much the same price or better than normal sale in a short time limit.

On selling within the time limit at auction is an impetus and urgency for prospective buyers to make immediate decisions. Decisions to buy in auctions has a high chance for properties in high demand thus driving up the price and attracting more buyers interested in the property. When there are only a few people interested in the property, sellers have the choice of considering incoming offers before the auction takes place.

Auction Process

  • The auction is conducted by an auctioneer either directly hired by the vendor, or by a qualified individual in Australian Mobile Real estate agency.
  • The property is advertised with the date and time of the auction.
  • Potential buyers (bidders) compete against each other, by making increasingly high offers until only one buyer remains
  • If the higher price passes the reserve price of the seller, or by negotiation with the seller an on the spot check the house is sold to that highest bidder with no further negotiations

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